Where In The World Is  32.42N   117.14W?

by George Edw. Seymour

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11K GIF map of San Diego
San Diego is located in the most southwestern part of the United States of America.   It is this Nation's seventh largest city, and is situated within San Diego County.   Census profiles for 18 San Diego Region Cities are available, including the city of San Diego. According to the most recent National census data, as of 2000, San Diego city contains slightly more than 1.2 million people.  Additional information about California, San Diego County, and San Diego City's demographic and historic resources is informative.

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`17K GIF map of Point Loma
Point Loma is a small community located on the western (ocean) side of San Diego city near the intersection of InterState Highways 5 and 8.   Notice that San Diego airport is southwest of Interstate 5, and the Navy base is surrounded by San Diego Bay.   Much of Point Loma consists of a peninsula that leads to the famous Point Loma Lighthouse situated at the southern most point.   The Point Loma lighthouse is part of the Cabrillo National Monument which honors Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who on September 28, 1542 landed at San Diego Bay.   That event marked the first time that Europeans set foot on what we now call the west coast of the United States.

This four meter photo provides an unusual view of Point Loma.

3K GIF map of South Point Loma
The southern end of Point Loma hosts the famous Point Loma Lighthouse, as well as several important Navy research organizations.   The main road that you see on the map running north and south is called Catalina Boulevard (which changes into Cabrillo Memorial Drive).    In addition to leading to the Lighthouse, it serves as the highway that brings several thousand employees to and from work each weekday.

Before reaching the Lighthouse you will pass the "Barracks Area" on the left side.  A recent excerpt about what scientists did here during "the" War has been posted online, and is titled, Scientists at War: 1940-1945.  The pictures are especially worthy of your time.

56K GIF map of the NRaD barracks area

This view of Point Loma looks south toward the Lighthouse.   These barracks were built during World War II and now host scientists, engineers, computer specialists, and others who rather like being in them.   The insides of these buildings have been remodeled to accommodate technology advances that were unimagined when the buildings were build.    And the exact location for the building and office where I work is: and   If you would like additional information about the truly fascinating history of Point Loma and the origins of the research activities here now, as well as San Diego's military history, the following recent books are recommended.

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