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Ask the Dietitian Joanne Larsen's useful guide to many commonly asked dietary topics ranging from alcohol to zinc. Check out the healthy body calculator and nutrition links.
Complete Home
Medical Guide
Includes 34 chapters and four appendices from Columbia University on virtually every medical topic.
Healthfinder A unique Government consumer gateway for health resources that was launched on April 15, 1997.
Index of Food & Nutrition The USDA's huge index of the most popular food and nutrition resources on the Internet.
Local Harvest A non-profit effort to provide people with direct contact to farms in their local area.
Martindale's Health
Science Guide - 2003
A Multimedia Resource "currently containing more than "60,100 teaching files; over 129,000 Medical Cases; 1,110 Multimedia Courses/Textbooks; 1,510 Multimedia Tutorials; over 3,700 Databases, and over 10,600 Movies."
Merick Manual The world's most widely used general medical textbook, has been published for more than 100 years.  Now their home edition is available, and includes 24 sections and 287 chapters. Careful, too many cookies.
National Library
of Medicine
The NLM is the world's largest medical library. "For more than 100 years, the Library has published the Index Medicus®, a monthly subject/author guide to articles in 3400 journals."
Nutrition.gov Is a new Federal resource that provides easy access to all online Federal government nutrition information.
Tufts University
Nutrition Navigator
This first online rating guide is an authoritative resource to nutrition information, and includes ratings for accuracy, depth of information, and usability.
Web of Addictions
Fact Sheet
"All of the fact sheets are in the public domain to encourage wide distribution."
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