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“Thou hast most traiterously corrupted the youth of the Realme,
in erecting a Grammar Schoole.”

- - Henry VI pt. 2 Act IV vii  *

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Grades   K - 3   Education   Resources

K - 3

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  • Breit's Best Top 25: a ranking of the favorite childrens sites by visitors.
  • Kindergarten Connection: provides lesson plans in all areas of the curriculum, as well as teacher-to-teacher tips, etc.
  • Launching K-3 Readers: a resource page from the Los Angeles County Office of Education.
  • PBS Kids: "Parents will love PBS Kids! It's full of high-interest, safe sites for children. Kids can return repeatedly and still find new places to explore."
  • Top 20 K-3 Sites: features art, math, music, science, etc. for grades K-3.

Grades   4 - 8   Education   Resources

4 - 8

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Grades   9 - 12   Education   Resources

9 - 12

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College   Education   Resources


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  • "the preeminent publisher of Internet literature, reference, and verse providing students, researchers, and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information...."
  • High Wire Press: from Stanford University "is one of the two largest archives of free full-text science [articles] on Earth!"
  • Internet Classics Archives: select "from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors, including user-driven commentary and 'reader's choice' Web sites."
  • Notable ETDs: is a compilation of popular and unusual theses and doctoral dissertations.
  • Spark Notes: offers free online literature study notes written by Harvard students.
  • U.S. Universities: "contains a list of regionally-accredited U.S. universities organized by state."
  • World Lecture Hall: "contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver university-level academic courses."

Periodical   Education   Resources


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Subject   Education   Resources


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  • Art Education: K-12 art education from the Internet School Library Media Center (ISLMC).
  • Common Errors in English: "is dedicated to errors in usage. This is not a site dealing with grammar in general." Here is the list.
  • EcEdWeb: provides fundamental K-12 economics concepts all students should know.
  • Environment: provides a list of environment links for teachers, students, and advanced levels.
  • History/Social Science: includes these K-12 topics: General, Project Sites, Commercial Sites, Lesson Sites, Schools, Creating School Sites, News Groups, Software, Inservice, etc.
  • K-12 lesson Plans: lesson plans for Mathematics, Science, History/Social Science, Language Arts, The Arts, and Multi-Subject.
  • Kids Connect: Favorite Websites for K-12 students in 27 categories.
  • Knowledge Network: provides K-6 life science lesson plans, identified by class level. Lesson plans for 7-12 are here.
  • Math Archives: "significant collections of materials which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level."
  • SAMI: science and math initiative from the Annenberg/CPB Projects.
  • Sociology and Psychology: for K-12.
  • Take these free courses: Color & Painting,   Economics,   Electronics,   Finance,   Mini-MBA,   Physical Sciences,   or   Physics.

Teacher   Education   Resources


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  • Classroom Connect: hand-picked selection of the "best education-related Web sites."
  • Dictionary of Science and Technology: "largest scientific dictionary ever compiled in the English language."
  • edHelper: has more than 10,900 lesson plans, and was created by a team of teachers.
  • Free Things for Educators: with resources grouped into preschool, K-5, 6-8, 9-12, and by subject.
  • K-6 Science Misconceptions: provides commentary about and links to science-related misconceptions in education.
  • On Ramp: provides social, technological, economic, environmental, and political resources for educators.
  • SciEd: U.S. House of Representatives Science Committee's new National Science Policy, outlined in the report, Unlocking Our Future: Toward a New National Science Policy.
  • Teachers Net: provides a network of chat rooms for teachers, and lesson plans.
  • "Home to 48 subjects and over 700 educational sites."
  • Textbook Information Network: "research and compare the books and products of more than 300 publishers in one easy-to-use location."

Ask   Education   Resources


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  • "created in early 1998, was the very first large-scale question and answer service on the net."
  • Ask an Expert sites: is Stevens Institute of Technology's links to "expert" sites.
  • Ask a Librarian "Mail us your factual question and we'll send you an answer within two working days, if not before."
  • Ask a Question provides a list of 35 "ask" resources.
  • Ask Dr. Math "provides archives and FAQs for elementary, middle, high school, and college math questions.
  • Ask Dr. Science: can be heard on radio stations daily, or you can subscribe to receive his daily question sent to you.
  • Ask ERIC: the Educational Resource Information Center generally will respond to your question within 2 business days
  • Discussions: NorthWest Regional Educational Laboratory provides a list of more than two dozen links to "ask" resources.
  • jiskha Homework Help: is a 24-hour Internet service helping students worldwide with school work. Since 1996, the company has answered over one billion homework questions."
  • Kids Connect: "looking for information on the Internet for a [K-12] report or project to do for school?"  "A volunteer school librarian will get back to you in usually two school days."

Current   Education   Resources


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  • BBC Sci/Tech: "BBC News Online is the internet arm of the biggest broadcasting news-gatherer in the world. ."
  • CNN Sci-Tech: "BBC News Online is the internet arm of the biggest broadcasting news-gatherer in the world. ."
  • In The News: is a Sigma Xi program that provides links to reputable sources of scientific information.
  • Natural History: "delves into issues that touch all our lives ... transports us into the past, future, and outer space ... is intriguing to read and beautiful to look at."
  • Nature: Science Update: provides the latest research reported by Nature's science writing team which is updated daily.
  • New Scientist: in addition to features, news, and editorials, includes book links and key sites of the day.
  • New Zealand Science: promotes "discussion and understanding of controversial or critical issues concerning the role of science and technology."
  • University Science: "International Science News Online Since 1995."

Encyclopedia   Education   Resources


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  • Artcyclopedia: has "compiled a comprehensive index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources."
  • Britannica.Com: "provides the complete, updated Encyclopędia Britannica, the oldest and largest general reference in the English language," including articles from more than 70 top magazines, and a guide to more than 125,000 of the Web's best sites.
  • "More than 14,000 articles from The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition have been assembled to provide free, quick and useful information on almost any topic."
  • Encyclopedia Smithsonian: the Nation's museum "features answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian resources from A to Z".
  • Facts Encyclopedia: provides more than 75 categories of links.
  • Funk & Wagnalls: is a multimedia encyclopedia. Also provides an atlas, dictionary, news, thesaurus, and media gallery.
  • Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia: provides basic information in 16 subject areas.
  • PRIME Mathematics Encyclopedia: provides articles, biography, history, etc.

Library   Education   Resources


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  • Awesome Library: "organizes the Web with 18,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education," and is available in English, Spanish, French, & German.
  • Index to Children's Authors & Illustrators: is a large catalog to author and illustrator Internet sites.
  • InterNet Public Library: hosted by the University of Michigan, it was the first public library on the Internet.
  • Library Spot: brings "the best library and reference sites together with insightful editorial in one user-friendly" location.
  • Library in the Sky: "guides teachers, students, parents, librarians, and members of the community on their journeys through cyberspace."
  • Library of Congress: InterNet visitors can use THOMAS, a congressional database, and the American Memory.
  • Making of America: is a digital library of approximately 1,600 books and 50,000 journal articles of primary sources in American social history.
  • World Wide School Library: is dedicated to the collection, preservation and presentation of educational material.

Museums   Education   Resources


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Miscellaneous   Education   Resources


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  • Blue Web'n: is a catalogue of carefully selected K-12 "Blue Ribbon" learning sites.
  • Content Knowledge: provides a series of K-12 academic standards and benchmarks by topic."
  • DoDEA: Department of Defense Education resources for parents, students, and educators.
  • Education World: serves as a "home for educators on the InterNet."
  • eHOW: "offers thousands of staff-written, reviewed and edited step-by-step project solutions within 15 activity categories."
  • Elementary Rules Of Usage: William Strunk's The Elements of Style is used by the U.S. Government and the Oxford University Press.
  • Family Education: is an up to date general-purpose site for parents "dedicated to children's learning." Try the browse by age area.
  • KidsClick: learn how to search the InterNet for the information in ten easy steps.
  • KidSource On Line: provides evaluated articles where parents can learn how "to help their children do better in school."
  • National Center for Education Statistics : is the primary Federal organization for collecting and analyzing U.S. and other nation's education data.
  • Publications & Products: from the U.S. Department of Education includes this topic list.
  • "15 million university and education pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity."
  • Vocational Sites: K-12 vocational education sites to benefit all students.
  • Word Central: The 2000 Webby Award winner that contains Merriam-Webster's dictionary and other word resources.

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