The Best of Words


What separates humans from all other forms of life is the perennial use of words.  More importantly, what separates those among us who advance civilized life, as opposed to those who have yet to achieve that value, is the pursuit of intellectual understanding invariably associated with spoken and written words.

Come ... explore with us, if you will, some of the best of words.  We believe that you will benefit from the time you spent within this topic.

Familiar :     Antonym Homonym Homophone Synonym
Figures :     Allegory Metaphor Parable Simile
Inspired :     Irony Quote Rhyme Satire
Misguided :     Censorship Mispronounced Misspelled Misused
Pinnacle :     Humor Poetry Shakespeare Truth
Reference :     Concordance Dictionary Encyclopedia Thesaurus
Shortcuts :     Abbreviation Acronym Idiom Symbol
Style :     Anastrophe Alliteration Metonymy Onomatopoeia
Tools :     Anagram Crossword Phrase Search
Top 100 :     CounterPunch Libraries Modern Library Teachers

A Way With Words blue dot Aesop's Fables blue dot American Literary Resources blue dot American Heritage Book of English Usage blue dot American Heritage Dictionary (with sound) blue dot Ask Oxford blue dot Books and Literature blue dot Book Browser blue dot Cambridge History of English & American Literature blue dot Carlin Romano blue dot Crosswords blue dot Daily Almanac blue dot Dictionary of Symbolism blue dot Digital Librarian blue dot English Resources blue dot Famous Quotes blue dot Glossary of Literary Terms blue dot Google Science Fiction blue dot Great American Libraries blue dot Guide to Grammar & Style blue dot Guide to Grammar & Writing blue dot Humor on the InterNet blue dot Interactive Fiction Archive blue dot Internet Anagram Server blue dot iTools blue dot Journalism's Best blue dot Language Debates blue dot Linguistic Fun Page blue dot List of Rhetorical Devices blue dot Literary Criticism Collection blue dot Lives, The Biography Resource blue dot Notorious Confusables blue dot Novel Analysis blue dot Old Farmer's Almanac blue dot People Words blue dot Poet's Corner blue dot Pulitzer Prize for Poetry blue dot Quotations blue dot Random House 100 Best blue dot Shakespeare Online blue dot Skeptic's Dictionary blue dot Slang Dictionaries blue dot TECHtionary blue dot Truth or Fiction blue dot Twentieth-century Poetry blue dot Unscrambler blue dot WordSmyth blue dot Wisdom Knowledge & Literature Search blue dot World's Greatest 100 Books blue dot World Wide Words blue dot Your Dictionary.Com


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