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The following table contains interesting links for eight decades.  Notice how our culture, heroes, technology, and outlook have changed.  And yet, now as well as then, we have one thing in common—that place we know as BHS.

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BHS CheerleadersBHS Cheerleaders

Just who are these girls?
Take a guess at the year before looking below.
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1943 BHS Cheerleaders Drum Major 1941
Just who are these people from 1943?
If you know any of their names, send a message to the webmaster by clicking on the envelope below.
And here is the Drum Major from 1941.
Know his name?


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Meter added March 21, 2001.

Left to right, Ellen Walker, Joan Price, Lucy Humiston Pare, Janice DeStefano Suppa-Friedman. Second Picture Linda Gulnac, Mary Ann Poles, Carol Barto, Mary Lynn Wallhausen Nervine, and Francine Weitz in 1959. Names courtesy of Janice.

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